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Jason Stonehouse

Jason Stonehouse is a bass guitarist, who plays with REVIVAL.  Starting at the young age of 15 Jason had always had some involvement in bands, playing at church events, youth conferences, concerts, and in the recording studio.

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His story,

Jason was born and raised in a Christian home that was musical. From singing to playing instruments, he had it all. Jason started playing the bass guitar at age 15 and has been playing ever since. He is definitely a seasoned musician.


He has lived in several provinces throughout his life, where starting bands seemed to be the trend wherever he called home. Whether playing on worship teams or in rock bands as well as songwriting, Mr. Stonehouse was always excited to be involved in music and also toured multiple times. Playing bass for his previous band “Stonehouse25” was a highlight for Jason, prior to becoming a family man.


With these bands, he has played at church events, youth conferences, concerts, and in recording studios. It has all been a great experience and has moulded Jason into the musician he is today. Jason is excited for this next chapter, creating and working along side his REVIVAL band mates.

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